Industry LA will be Australia’s first gateway program into learning the ins and outs of the US industry, Visa Legality

and Agency representation. 

The program will run for 1 Week in Los Angeles, within an exclusive rehearsal dance space in North Hollywood. 

Monday to Sunday for 1 week, 7 hours per day, 49 hours of training in One week.

This program is strictly for dancers 18 years +


The program will be mentored by Sarah Alice Burns who is a professional dancer, model, pilates instructor and movement coach.

Born and raised in Perth, Australia and moved to Los Angeles 8 years ago. Majority of the 8 years, Sarah has been working in

Los Angeles, it has been with the one and only Beyonce. Sarah spent four years with the Beyonce camp and experienced a lot of creative inspiration and high level performance values.

Experiencing multiple Award Winning Shows, Superbowl, Movies, World tours, music videos and so much more. Among other

performances with Drake, JLO, Pitbull, Janelle Monoe, Brandy, Usher and Hailee Steinfeld just to name a few.

With these experiences, she has obtained so much knowledge and contacts that she is ready to nurture and guide future dancers into making their dreams a reality.  


The program will also feature the best of the best faculty, including information seminars with creative directors, lawyers & Agencies. 



Monday October 7th 2019 - Sunday 13th of October 2019.

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Sarah Alice Burns - Director

Sarah Alice Burns
Sarah Alice Burns
Sarah Alice Burns