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March 4th - May 25th 

Monday - Thursday, 9am - 3pm

Location: FIVE DOCK, NSW



The Dream Dance Company presents; Show | Business. Set to redefine the new generation of young performers being fed in to the entertainment industry. Covering all aspects of performance and business skills under the guidance of nationally respected & renowned Creative Director/Choreographer Marko Panzic, Show | Business aims to educate in an intimate & safe environment that allows the artist to set realistic goals to reach their ultimate dreams.


A course run over 12 weeks, learning from leading industry professionals and most importantly focusing on personalized goals catered specifically for each individual. Show | Business is determined to educate young aspiring performers the importance of thinking intellectually as well as creatively when running your own business and ultimately building your brand.


Upon completion of the course the artists will be educated on directing, producing and putting together a live show at Chatswood Concourse. This will be marketed as The Dream Dance Company’s pre-professional production where the students will be performing for a live audience and have the opportunity to be seen by agencies, choreographers and potential future clients. 


Course Outline Preview

- One-on-one development​

- Audition technique & etiquette ​

- Commercial dance training

- Technique/ conditioning/ ballet / jazz​

- Hands on experience & mentoring​

- Intense dance training & performance skills​

- Development in grooming, deportment & castings​

- Body conditioning​

- Partnering ​



- Marketing​ / Branding

- Business plans​

- Social media ​

- Setting goals and putting them in to action.​

- Networking skills​

- Contacts​

- Behavioural etiquette​

- The ins & outs of the industry​

- Storyboarding​

- Choreography training and development​

- Contracts / Legality 

- Guest Lectures 


Marko Panzic

Eden Petrovski

Kelley Abbey
Nicole Aspinal

Daniel Assetta
Charles Bartley
Riley Bourne
Abbe Bradbury
Candace Brown
Michael Brown
Karina Bujnowicz
Sarah Burns
Shannon Burns

Amy Cambell
Tiana Canterbury
Nigel Turner - Carroll
Erin Claire

PJ Clarke
Ricki Lee Coulter 
Natasha Crane
Kieran Crowe

Michael Dameski
Lee Daniel
Claudia Dean

Stephaine Delaney
Lucy Doherty
Tenille Ebony
Lauren Elton
Danielle Evrat
James Fenwick
Matthew Gode

Troy Harrison
Keith Hawley
Sophie Holloway
Rhapsody James

Pat Kuo
Micky Kurtz
Angela Lau
Matt Lee 


Jervis Livelo
Jeep Management
Zoe Marsh

David McLean
Rob McLean
Robbie Mejica

Kerrie Milne
Zach Milne
Nicole Mitchell

Nadine Olmo
Alicia Papadopoulos
Danielle Polanco
Gerran Reese
Alice Robbinson
Ash Ricado
Katie Sanchez
William Sanchez
Cat Santos
Lauren Seymore

Jessica Smithson
Prinnie Stevens
Robert Sturrock
Ngavaine Tearea
Chris Tsattalios

The O'neill Twins
Sela Vai
Petros Vournelis
Jayden Wall
Marcus Walters
Melinda Walters
Caetlyn Watson
Todd Williamson
Mitch Winter

Blake John Wood
Mitchell Woodcock
Kate Wormald
Nathan Wright

Deone Zanotto

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