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Cat Santos

Robert McLean

Eden Petrovski

Neale Whittaker

Lauren Seymour

Dayton Tavares

Lucy Doherty

Mitch Wynter

Chanel Cahill

Ben Zammit

Alice Robinson

Callum Mooney

Bianca Rezo

Sam Turpin

Jazz Luna 

Strickland Young


Sarah Boulter


Marko Panzic

Music Producer:

Aaron Lee

Illusion/Magic Consultant:

Adam Mada

Company Manager:

Abbe Bradbury 


Fluke Media 

Jo Bananas 


Fluke Media 

The Dream Dance Company presents its third Season "Enter the Vortex".

A commercial contemporary production created & choreographed by  the one and only Sarah Boulter.

The highly anticipated third season, features a cast of 16 of the most elite dance artists in Australia.Audiences members of all ages will experience a dance show like you have never seen before. A high energy, powerful and emotional journey fusing styles and blurring the lines of dance, bringing you a commercial dance experience leaving you exhilarated and inspired.

The Dream invites you to "Enter the Vortex" Spinning, twisting, pulling everything inside.

The source has so much power and influence, that you feel you are not in control.

You are encapsulated by the authentic quality.

It is the holding tank.
It is the anchor.
It is the touchstone.
It is the place of all positive motion.

The eternal pool of harmony.

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