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"The Secret Society" -  2016




The 2016 season of The Dream Dance Company discovers the world of Candace Brown. Direct from New York City, Candace Brown is a internationally acclaimed choreographer and mentor to many dancers across the world. The Secret Society will expose and introduce the audience to a new beat, an underground world where the artists and dancers exist. A world where currency is in the beat and communication is in your movement. 


THE SECRET SOCIETY is set to explore a new beat of dance. It will tantalise the audience and transport them to a place where dancers and artists would exist if they could create their own world, an underground world where dance becomes communication. Candace Brown's choreography is cutting edge, raw, emotive, energising and inspiring. The company is set to re-define commercial dance in the live theatre element. We invite you to enter the world that is our secret society.  

2016 Cast & Creatives


Candace Brown


Marko Panzic 

Production Director:

Jeremy Koch 

Dance Captains: 

Katie Sanchez

Lauren Seymour 


Charles Bartley 

Stephen Perez

Dayton Tavares 

Brandon Atoui 

Rob McLean 

David Mclean 

Callum Mooney 

Jordan Grant 

Katie Sanchez

Lauren Seymour 

Cat Santos 

Shivawn Joubert 

Lauren Elton 

Teagan Seaborn 

Anti Fischer 

Cassandra Merwood 

Music Producer:

Aaron Lee

Company Manager:

Abbe Bradbury 


Jacqueline Mitchell 

Jo Bananas 


Fluke Media 

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