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"The Dream Dance Company

is one of the most exciting dance productions i have ever witnessed!"


“Not since David Atkins "Electric Legs" has Australia seen a commercial dance company showcase this country's finest, most versatile, talented dancers of its generation. The Dream Dance Company is the voice of commercial dance that is missing ion Australia”


"Genesis is one of the most exciting and innovative dance pieces I have seen. It blurs the line between commercial and contemporary dance, uplifting the audience through its powerful and popular soundtrack and the sheer brilliance of the performers. It's accessible, powerful and a brilliant night in the theatre."


"The Dream Dance Company performance was fresh and wildly energetic from start to finish. The collaboration between great pop/electro music mixes and powerful Choreography make you feel like your at pop concert, but no singer needed !"


"Last night as I watched the company, I truly thought to myself that we have the most talented, passionate and hard working dancers on the planet. The skill, precision and strength of this ensemble was nothing short of inspiring."


" Genesis & the Dream Dance Company is the best dance show I have ever seen in a very long time. The production, music, lighting, costuming...and ofcourse the dancers and choreography left me breathless"


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